Hyun Ji Noh

Tech Transfer

Besides my research in basic science, I seek to transfer scientific discoveries and innovative technologies from academia to industry, where they can have an impact on real lives. Leveraging my scientific training, I am interested in utilizing in-depth scientific analysis and insights to predict the feasibility and impact of novel therapeutics and biomedical technologies that are currently under development. Specifically, my main focus lies on precision medicine, large-scale data analysis, comparative medicine, as well as traditional pharmaceuticals.

As a part of this effort, I am acting as a scientific member of Beacon VP Capital, a fund investing in publicly traded small- and mid-cap biotech firms that have drugs and medical devices in or near the final stage of the FDA approval process. The investment strategy relies on predicting the outcome of the approval processes based on scientific analysis conducted by a team of scientists. As of 2016, our predictions had a 80% accuracy rate with an average annualized return of 66% per stock, at a total evaluation of >40 FDA applications.

Over the past years, I have lead the evaluation of the following products under FDA review:

1. Molecular diagnostics – EXAS

HJ Noh. Exact sciences’ stool-DNA-based colorectal cancer screening test likely to get favorable review on its PMA. Seeking alpha 3/24/2014

2. Drug delivery device – AVNR

HJ Noh, J Guyette. Avanir’s drug-device combo experiencing minor FDA headaches. Seeking alpha 12/22/2014

3. Small molecule drug – LGND

SR Wang, HJ Noh. Safety concerns may prevent FDA approval of ligand’s drug Aprela. Seeking alpha 9/3/2013