Hyun Ji Noh


My research focuses on understanding the role of genetic variations in complex diseases such as neuropsychiatric disorders and cancers. The gained insights may shed light onto the mechanisms underlying fundamental biological processes and at the same time open new avenues to diagnose and cure some of the most devastating diseases. I pursue these goals by utilizing various cutting-edge technologies and large-scale data analysis.

1. Role of genetic variations in disease

I study many traits and diseases of complex genetic background, ranging from autism and obsessive compulsive disorders in humans to cancers and behavioral disorders in dogs. I look for genes, pathways, and candidate mutations associated with a disease, in order to understand the mechanism and the etiology of a disease, which may eventually lead to new therapeutic targets. To facilitate the search, I utilize discoveries and insights from various fields, including evolution, functional genomics, natural (dog) and artificial (mouse) model organisms as well as cell models.

2. Therapeutics and tools for bioapplications

I aim at identifying novel therapeutic targets and candidate drugs, and test them empirically. To achieve this, I deploy various approaches from drug repurposing and computer-based screening to functional assays and cell imaging techniques.

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