Hyun Ji Noh


Selected Media Coverage

"Studies of Dogs, Mice, and People Provide Clues to OCD", NIH Director's Blog

"Looking across species for the genetics underlying obsessive-compulsive disorder", Broad Institute

“Scientists are looking to genetics to find a cause of OCD”, BBC Two Horizon

“OCD dogs serve as model of the disorder in humans”, Medical News Today

“Scientists find gene pattern in autism patients”, The Independent

Interesting research projects

Darwin's Ark, Non-profit citizen science research project seeking answers to common health and behavioral issues by studying genomes of pets and other animals. I highly recommend to join it!

Nordic OCD & Related Disorders Consortium (NORDiC), NIH-funded genetic study of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) across Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, aiming to collect the world’s largest richly phenotyped and genotyped sample of OCD cases.

The 200 Mammals Project, Genomics study comparing the genomes of 200 mammals to gain new insights on the genome evolution of humans and other species.

Colleagues with online presence

Peter Maurer, Physics collaborator, Assistant Professor at UChicago

T. Grant Belgard, Computational biologist, Founder & CEO at The Bioinformatics CRO