Research groups

Lindblad-Toh group, my current advisor’s research group
Ponting group, my PhD advisor’s research group
Churchill group, my MSc advisor’s research group


Selected Media Coverage

“Scientists are looking to genetics to find a cause of OCD”, BBC Two Horizon
“OCD dogs serve as model of the disorder in humans”, Medical News Today
“Scientists find gene pattern in autism patients”, The Independent


Other activities

Beacon Value Partners, I am a member of this biotech investment club.
Seeking Alpha financial article, I write analysis articles on biotech and pharmaceutical companies. (LGND, EXAS, AVNR)


Colleagues with online presence

Peter Maurer, Physics collaborator, PostDoc in the Chu group at Stanford University
Elinor Karlsson, Past Lindblad-Toh group member, Professor at UMass Medical School
Ana Marques, Past Ponting group member, Professor at University of Lausanne